The goal of a law firm’s land­ing page is to con­vert vis­i­tors on your web­site to clients, which is the end game of any law firm web­site. A land­ing page gen­er­ates using lead-cap­ture forms. Most­ly, you gain use­ful insights on the user that one can use to covert them, and, in exchange, they get to access exclu­sive con­tent not avail­able on the reg­u­lar web­site. Some of this con­tent might take the form of pro­mo­tions or oth­er offers that fur­ther mar­ket your law firm.

Designing a Landing Page that will Market Your Law Firm 

Land­ing pages are one of the best ways to tell which vis­i­tors to your web­site are inter­act­ing with your con­tent and have a gen­uine inter­est in your law firm. This makes it an avail­able tool in any attorney’s mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy. Thus, your land­ing page needs to be visu­al­ly appeal­ing. Your goal should be to increase the num­ber of vis­i­tors that find the site com­pelling enough to engage with you.

Visu­al­ly, you want the land­ing page to be clean. The vis­i­tor should be able to click on the call-to-action but­ton and only the call-to-action but­ton.  In fact, includ­ing a bunch of links will hurt your con­ver­sion rate, espe­cial­ly if the links are exter­nal ones. The lay­out of the lead-cap­ture form needs to be acces­si­ble. Most peo­ple have short atten­tion spans. You want some­thing the vis­i­tors can fill out quick­ly with­out hav­ing to put much thought into it. Keep in mind that a lot of peo­ple are going to be fill­ing the forms out on a mobile device. The land­ing page needs to be flex­i­ble so that it reads well on desk­tops and smart­phones.

Creating Content for a Landing Page that will Market Your Law Firm

While you want the con­tent of the land­ing page to be engag­ing, the con­tent has to first be clear and suc­cinct. Descrip­tions should get straight to the point. You can use key­words to help direct search engine users to the page, but you don’t want to over­do it. Not all the con­tent has to be writ­ten. Pic­tures and videos can be even more engag­ing than writ­ten con­tent. On aver­age includ­ing videos on your land­ing page increased the con­ver­sion rate by 86%. You just don’t want the mul­ti­me­dia to over­shad­ow the call-to-action.


Keep it sim­ple and vibrant. For more mar­ket­ing tips and tricks, click here.