Users will now be able find prod­ucts via a busi­ness pro­file or video and save to a shop­ping col­lec­tion.

Insta­gram launched three new shop­ping fea­tures that will help retail­ers gain more expo­sure for the prod­ucts they’re pro­mot­ing on the plat­form.

Instagram’s new shop­ping col­lec­tion fea­ture. Insta­gram users will now have a “shop­ping col­lec­tion” option that they can save prod­ucts to. After tap­ping a prod­uct tag in a Sto­ry or on a post in their feed, a user can tap the save icon in the bot­tom right cor­ner of the image which will prompt a “Save to shop­ping col­lec­tion” option.

Users can access shop­ping col­lec­tions from their pro­file to browse saved items at a lat­er time.

Shop via video. Insta­gram has insert­ed a shop­ping icon in the bot­tom left cor­ner of brand­ed videos that sur­faces the prod­ucts fea­tured in the video, mak­ing it easy for users to view prod­uct prices.

A new shop tab for busi­ness pro­files. Insta­gram busi­ness pro­files will now include a shop tab that lets users browse prod­ucts from the busi­ness. The shop tab will include a feed of prod­uct images that can be clicked to see prod­uct infor­ma­tion and the post that fea­tured the prod­uct.

Why it mat­ters. With only four days go before we enter the busiest shop­ping week of the hol­i­day sea­son, Insta­gram is giv­ing retail­ers more ways to get their prod­ucts in front of users — with­out retail­ers hav­ing to put forth extra effort. The shop­ping col­lec­tion, busi­ness pro­file shop­ping tab and new shop icon for videos are all posi­tioned as user fea­tures, but ulti­mate­ly they will ben­e­fit brands by widen­ing expo­sure for the prod­ucts they share on the plat­form.