What You Missed Last Month in Google

1. A More Affordable Smartphone, by Google

Google is report­ed­ly plan­ning to launch more afford­able smart­phone mod­els, to com­pete with what may have become a sat­u­rat­ed mar­ket of pre­mi­um-priced mobile devices. Last week, Sam­sung unveiled its $1,980 Galaxy Fold, while the lat­est gen­er­a­tion of Google’s own Pix­el phone is cur­rent­ly priced at $599.

The rumored low­er-range Google phone is said to be priced at a less­er cost than the cheap­est smart­phone avail­able from Apple: the iPhone XR ($749). Apple has expe­ri­enced mobile-relat­ed woes this year with missed iPhone sales esti­mates, which have been blamed on its pre­mi­um price points — cre­at­ing what many some say is a cat­a­lyst for Google’s push into this new­er area afford­able hardware.

2. Coming Soon: “Link to This Excerpt” in Chrome

Google’s Chrome inter­net brows­er is rolling out a new fea­ture that will allow users to share links to a spe­cif­ic word or sen­tence on a page.

Sim­i­lar to how YouTube allows view­ers to share a link to videos that forces them to start play­ing from a cer­tain time­stamp, Chrome has intro­duced a “Scroll to Text” fea­ture, which cre­ates a link that tar­gets a spe­cif­ic sec­tion of text