Search engines are getting more sophisticated at measuring how well a page matches intent so here are some tips on how to build a better strategy for it.

Search is an excit­ing, ever-chang­ing channel.

Algo­rithm updates from Google, inno­va­tions in the way we search (mobile, voice search, etc.), and evolv­ing user behav­ior all keep us on our toes as SEOs. The dynam­ic nature of our indus­try requires adapt­able strate­gies and ongo­ing learn­ing to be suc­cess­ful. How­ev­er, we can’t become so wrapped up in chas­ing new strate­gies and advanced tac­tics that we over­look fun­da­men­tal SEO principles.

Recent­ly, I’ve noticed a com­mon thread of ques­tion­ing com­ing from our clients and prospects around searcher intent, and I think it’s some­thing worth revis­it­ing here. I