Company continues to build out its ad offerings to scale with the growing needs of its advertisers and is fine-tuning its targeting measures.

LinkedIn adver­tis­ers are get­ting three new updates: looka­like audi­ences tar­get­ing fea­ture, inter­est tar­get­ing that lever­ages Bing search data, and more than 20 B2B audi­ence tem­plates. The com­pa­ny says it has been test­ing these new fea­tures over the last few months and that they will be avail­able to all adver­tis­ers over the next two weeks.

New looka­like audi­ences.  The new looka­like audi­ences allow adver­tis­ers to tar­get LinkedIn mem­bers that have the same traits as the advertiser’s “ide­al cus­tomer” based on their sim­i­lar­i­ty to the advertiser’s exist­ing