This is the year when the mon­ey spent on dig­i­tal adver­tis­ing will final­ly over­take spend­ing on tra­di­tion­al ads — at least accord­ing to the lat­est fore­cast from eMarketer.

The research firm is pre­dict­ing that U.S. dig­i­tal ad spend will increase 19.1 per­cent this year, to $129.3 bil­lion, while tra­di­tion­al adver­tis­ing will fall 19 per­cent, to $109.5 bil­lion. That means dig­i­tal will account for 54.2 per­cent of the total, while tra­di­tion­al will only rep­re­sent 45.8 percent.

Not sur­pris­ing­ly, most of the dig­i­tal ad mon­ey is going to Google and Face­book. How­ev­er, eMar­keter says Google’s share of the mar­ket will actu­al­ly decline, from 38.2 per­cent last year to 37.2 per­cent this year, and Facebook’s share will only grow slight­ly, from 21.8 per­cent to 22.1 percent.