Want to improve the organ­ic search vis­i­bil­i­ty of your website?

Step one is com­mon­ly an SEO audit.

An SEO audit can pro­duce valu­able insights. It reveals past SEO strat­e­gy and tac­tics – or lack there­of – and is a fresh way to get start­ed with a new partner,

The best audits are done in-depth and focused on aspects across the three key areas of SEO:

  • Tech­ni­cal.
  • On-page.
  • Off-page.

They also use some key­word or goal-ori­ent­ed focus­es to com­pare against. This allows for a deep­er analy­sis of key­word per­for­mance and com­peti­tor comparison.

When invest­ing time, ener­gy, and actu­al dol­lars in an SEO audit, you are prob­a­bly doing it with the goal of tak­ing action after­ward. Per­haps you’re look­ing to get a return on invest­ment or jump-start rank­ing, traf­fic, and con­ver­sion goal improvements.

So what comes next?

Here are some spe­cif­ic next steps you should take after the audit is com­plet­ed to build momen­tum and ensure your time and invest­ment isn’t wasted.

1. Develop a List of Insight