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Email mar­ket­ing is dead and social media mar­ket­ing is tak­ing over. Right?

Well, not exact­ly. While social media mar­ket­ing is the future, email mar­ket­ing still dri­ves lots of suc­cess­es.

Email has a more pow­er­ful ROI than you might think. Jeff Bul­las explains that for every $1 you spend on your email mar­ket­ing cam­paign, you earn $38.

What about social media mar­ket­ing? Even though major social media plat­forms such as Face­book attract a huge fol­low­ing, you shouldn’t focus all your mar­ket­ing dol­lars on social media.

But should you only con­cern your­self with email mar­ket­ing? No — instead, you can com­bine your social media and email mar­ket­ing efforts.

Here are 5 tips to know.

1. Invite Your Social Media Followers to Your Email Community

Notice how the head­line says “email com­mu­ni­ty” and not some­thing stan­dard such as “email newslet­ter”?

If your fol­low­ers see “newslet­ter,” the first thought that pops in their mind is “spam.” But if you say “com­mu­ni­ty,” this gives them the idea of a club.

You’ll not only receive email mar­ket­ing results but will fur­ther entice your social media fol­low­ers.

2. Get Emails From Your Social Media Followers

Every social media user needs an email address to sign up.

Did you know you can get their email address­es by search­ing your social media fol­low­ers? And social media plat­forms make this easy. They offer a way to upload your social media fol­low­ers to your inbox.

This not only expands your email mar­ket­ing list but can help you cre­ate a per­son­able cam­paign to each of your sub­scribers.

3. Enable Social Sharing on Your Emails

Jeff Bul­las also tells us that less than 20% of cus­tomers share email mar­ket­ing mes­sages on their social media accounts.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Enabling your email newslet­ters for social shar­ing will help increase your audi­ence, open­ing up the oppor­tu­ni­ty to gain more email sub­scribers.

What kind of email con­tent will attract social shares? Make sure it’s infor­ma­tion­al.

Inter­est­ing facts and even opin­ion con­tent on a spe­cif­ic niche will help engage your email sub­scribers.

Enable Social Sharing on Your Emails

4. Create a Facebook Group and Promote Your Email Newsletter

Are you try­ing to find a way to increase your brand’s trans­paren­cy while still improv­ing your social media mar­ket­ing? A Face­book group will help you com­mu­ni­cate with cus­tomers bet­ter while you can pro­mote your brand.

A Face­book group is also a great way to pro­mote your email newslet­ter.

Entice your fol­low­ers fur­ther with a mes­sage such as, “are you not receiv­ing noti­fi­ca­tions about our deals on this group? Sign up for our newslet­ter and our deals will be sent direct­ly to you!”

5. Integrate Your Platforms

What if you use sep­a­rate social media and email mar­ket­ing plat­forms?

You can sync them for best results. You can achieve this with a sys­tem such as PieSync.

Combine Your Social Media and Email Marketing Efforts Today

Social media and email mar­ket­ing are inte­gral mar­ket­ing strate­gies. To stream­line both process­es, sync them for best results.